What is TESDA All About

- 8:19 PM
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TESDA Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (Pangasiwaan sa Edukasyong Teknikal at Pagpapaunlad ng Kasanayan) is one of the strong and helpful government agency in the Philippines, which managing technical education and skills development it also provide to all Filipinos a free education through actual trainings and online courses. Tesda was August 25, 1994 established with a vision and mission to develop technical skills of their students.

Sec. Joel Villanueva, Tesda secretary among with Tesda staff and workers made the agency fruitful in the eyes of many Filipino due to their restless development activities for the Filipino people here in Philippines. Until now Tesda continuous to give FREE technical education and skill development to all aspiring students. As a matter of fact their courses offered are gone big so far, with the newest courses online through Tesda Online Program.
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