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     Did you know that you can study online for FREE, this made possible through TESDA Online Program. Lot of Tesda courses offered like housekeeping, caregiving, web development and among others. With TESDA oline program you will be able to study at your onw pace, learn and gain knowledge anywhere at no time table to follow. All you need is an internet connection and of course the device that will serve as your tool to access on the web. A lot of frequent question ask if theres any fee if you are going to register, there is absolutely NO FEES and it is totally FREE.

Another question is where they can get the certificate after the finishing the course online? Yes, you will be able to have your certificate if you pass your assessment exam at TESDA center. Read also : How to apply Tesda Assessment and Certificate.

This program gives everyone the opportunity to develop and gain more knowledge although this online courses are there for quite sometimes only last year 2015 TOP Tesda Online Program drives its popularity especially for those cannot afford to enroll in the school with high tuition fees. See also the list of TESDA available courses online.

List of  TESDA courses offered:

Information Technology
  Basic Computer Operation
  Computer Systems Servicing
  Web Development using HTML5 and CSS3
  CAD / CAM Operation
  Animation (3D DIGITAL)
  Microsoft Online Courses
   Game Development
    Game Production Basics
    Developing 2D Games with HTML5
    Developing 2D & 3D Games with Unity
   Software Development Fundamentals
   C# Fundamentals for Beginners
  Udacity - Google Courses
   Android Development for Beginners
   UX Design for Mobile Developers
  SMART SWEEP Lecture Series

 Food and Beverage Servicing
  Waiter Servicing
  Room Attendant Servicing
  Bus Boy Servicing

  Provide Housekeeping Services to Guests
  Guest Room Attendant Servicing
  Valet Servicing
  Public Area Attendant Servicing
  Laundry Servicing

  Preparing Sandwiches
  Preparing Egg Dishes
  Preparing Vegetable Dishes
  Preparing Starch Dishes
  Preparing Salads and Salad Dressing
  Preparing Appetizers
  Preparing Desserts

 Bread and Pastry Production
  Preparing Pastry Products

  Cellphone Servicing
  Solar Night Light Assembly

  Fruit Grower

  Diesel Engine Tune Up
  Automotive Battery Servicing

Heating, Ventilation and Air Condition
  Packaged Air Conditioner Unit Servicing

Trainers Methodology I
  Plan Training Session
  Facilitate Learning Session
  Conduct Competency Assessment

Trainers Methodology II
  Curriculum Development

Health, Social and other Community Development Services
  Massage Therapy
  Swedish Massage
  Thai Massage
  Shiatsu Massage
 Beauty Care (Nail Care)

Here is the procedure on how to register online at TOP

1. Go to Tesda website TESDA Online Program website and create an account there.

2. Hit the log-in and you will be redirecting to another page to create an account.

3. Must completely fill out the blank portion with correct information (*) with this asterisk means it is mandatory.

4. When you done filling out the blank fields, click the " Create my new account". Wait for a few minutes to received an email confirmation there's a given link on you email then click to confirm. Sometimes it takes to long due to busy system. Kindly see the image provided for easy understanding.

How to enroll or take the course you'd choosen in TESDA Online Program

1.(Confirmation done and you finished created an account)
You may now log-in on Tesda online program log-in page.

2. Choose your desire online course you want to take.

3. Just tick the module course you take

4. click the "enroll this course" located at the lower left side pane on your screen.

5. Pop out window confirmation will come out then hit YES and you're done.

This program is very helpful for those out of school youth and Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) around the world.

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