How to Apply for TESDA Assessment and Certification | Process and Requirements

- 8:36 AM
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Compassionately read deliberately so you can take after the strategy and necessities on the most proficient method to apply for TESDA assessment and confirmation.

People who need to exploit the TESDA assessment and confirmation for normal capabilities ought to observe the accompanying data:

For New Applicants:

In the event that you are a new candidate, your initial step ought to be to visit any TESDA Accredited Assessment Center/TESDA District or Provincial Office in your general vicinity so you can apply for assessment.

Make certain to bring these requirements:

  • A finished Application Form 
  • A finished Self-Assessment Guide of your picked capability 
  • 3 colored passport-sized pictures

Next, go to the Assessment Center Cashier and pay the required Assessment Fee. Get the Official Receipt and Admission Slip. Keep in mind that you should bring the Admission Slip on the named date and scene of your assessment.

While at the Assessment Center, assert the Competency Assessment Result Summary (CARS). On the off chance that you've passed, you can then apply for accreditation at the assigned TESDA District/Provincial Office.

Assessment passers can then acquire their National Certificate (NC)/Certificate of Competency (COC) inside 7 working days after application.

As a rule, NC/COC is just given to the applicant but never should you have to request that a delegate guarantees it for your benefit, be ready to present a Special energy of Attorney (SPA). On the off chance that you are guaranteeing a COC without anyone else's input, bring your Assessment Results (CARS), Official Receipt, and a legitimate ID.

For Renewal/Revalidation:

For recharging and revalidation, you ought to similarly go to the TESDA District/Provincial Office where your NC/COC was at first issued.

Bring the accompanying records:

  • A finished Application Form 
  • Unique duplicate of NC/COC 
  • 3 shaded international ID estimated pictures 

Testament of work as well as showing background amid the previous 12 months amid the NC/COC's legitimacy. It must be similarly and marked by the business or school chairman.

Next, go to the Assessment Center Cashier, pay the reestablishment expense, and get the Official Receipt. From that point forward, you ought to guarantee your NC/COC at the date specified by the issuing office.

Different Cases:

On the off chance that you lost your NC/COC, go to the TESDA issuing office and apply for a substitution.

The prerequisites for this would be a Letter of Request, a legally approved Affidavit of Loss and 1 shaded international ID measured picture. After accommodation, you will then be educated about when you can guarantee the NC/COC.

Those with harmed NC/COCs should bring similar prerequisites aside from Affidavit of Loss. Rather, they have to bring their unique NC/COC.

In the event that there is a typographical mistake in your NC/COC, you likewise need to present a Letter of Request, 1 hued travel permit measured picture, the first duplicate of your NC/COC and a guaranteed photocopy of your Passport or Birth Certificate.

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