Things You Need To Know About TESDA Beauty Care Services NC II

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Beauty Care NC II is a short course offered by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) to individuals who are interested in the field of beauty care services. 

In this course, you will be taught several things including the basic techniques of nail care, tools used in nail care, and so much more. Newbies or experienced individuals who want to have a TESDA certificate can attend to this course. 

All you need is the interest in this field and everything will smoothly fit in. You will have 7 modules throughout the course, as follows:

Module 1 - Introduction to Nail Care
This Module will introduce to you the task of being a nail technician. It will also teach you the parts of the nail as well as its characteristics. After familiarizing everything about the nail, you will be taught about the bones of the hand and feet. The contraindications of pedicure and manicure are also included in the scope of this module.

Module 2 – Everything about the tools used in Nail Care
This module introduces you to the materials being used by nail technicians. You will also know about the proper way to sanitize, disinfect and sterilize those tools and materials.

Module 3 – Basic Techniques
This module will teach you basic techniques when it comes to cutting, filing, cleaning, buffing and polishing the nail.

Module 4 – Performing Plain Manicure
This module will teach you the procedure of plain manicure and how to polish it effectively.

Module 5 – Performing Hand Spa
This module will teach you the planning, exfoliating and identify the importance of paraffin tax.

Module 6 – Performing Plain Pedicure
This module lets you know about the procedure and polishing on a plain pedicure.

Module 7 – Performing Foot Spa
Lastly, is the foot spa where you will be taught essential things about sanitation, exfoliation, aftercare services and sanitation.

Admission Requirements:
·         NSO Certified Birth Certificate (copy)
·         High School/College Diploma (copy)
·         Transcript of Records/Form 137 (Certified True Copy)
·         1x1/2x2 Picture
·         Certificate of Good Moral Character

Interested individuals can go to any accredited training centers to know any other requirements on this course. The maximum course duration lasts up to 1098 hours.

Successful graduates of Beauty Care Services NCII can be employed as make-up artist or beautician. Take note that you first need to take a competency assessment exam before you can get the National Certification (NC II) that you can use for employment.
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