Find a Career Opportunity with TESDA Commercial Cooking NC II

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Cooking is part of our everyday life and it serves for different purposes either for self-benefits or for business. Definitely, we all know how to cook, but the skills in preparing and cooking different menus are limited.

The good news is that TESDA is opening opportunities to those who want to learn skills in cooking such as preparing food and beverages in commercial setting like hotel, restaurant, and bar.  The Commercial Cooking NC II offered by TESDA is perfect for those who want to use cooking as a career path or start a food business.

In this course, the student will learn how to prepare, cook, and serve the food listed in the menu. The course includes lessons about proper proportioning of meat cuts, food recipe preparation, food presentation procedure, good customer service process and techniques, as well as proper food presentation procedure.  

Admission requirements

The basic admission requirements for Commercial Cooking NC II include the following:
·         Copy of birth certificate (issued by NSO)
·         College or high school diploma
·         Certified true copy of Form 137 or Transcript of Records
·         Certificate of Good Moral Character
·         2x2 or 1x1 recent photos

However, the requirements may vary depending on the training centers or schools. For complete list of requirements, you can visit or call the school or training center you’re planning to enroll this course.

Course duration
If you will take Commercial Cooking NC II, you should expect to complete the course within approximately 4 months or equivalent to 436 hours. Most likely, the class schedule is from Monday to Friday, 6 hours daily.

Competency assessment
Before a trainee is granted with the certification, he or she will undergo a competency assessment held at the TESDA accredited competency assessment center prior to graduation. Once the trainee had passed the assessment, a National Certificate or NC II will be issued.

Career opportunity
Anyone who holds the Commercial Cooking NC II can find employment as a restaurant cook, Commis, pastry cook, cold/hot kitchen cook.
The Commercial Cooking NC II is a prerequisite of Commercial Cooking NC III and IV.

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