Guide on TESDA Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Services NC II

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Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Servicing is one of the most sought job both local and abroad. This is the reason why TESDA have been offering a short course known as RAC Servicing NC II to help interested individuals who want to find a job even without a degree.

This shortcourse will train a student about installation, repair, and troubleshooting of refrigeration and air conditioning units. Some of the core skills that a student may acquire from this course include the following:

·         Interpreting technical drawings
·         Preparing tools and materials
·         Observing specifications, manuals of instructions, and procedures
·         Performing basic electrical works and benchworks
·         Performing calculations and mensurations
·         Maintaining equipment and tools
·         Documenting work accomplished
·         Performing safety and housekeeping practices
·         Installing, servicing, maintaining, repairing, and troubleshooting domestic RAC units

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning  Admission requirements

The basic documents required by TESDA to the applicants include the following:
  • ·         Authenticated copy of birth certificate issued by PSA
  • ·         Copy of college or high school diploma
  • ·         Authenticated copy of Transcript of Records
  • ·         Certificate of Good Moral Character
  • ·         1x1 photo
The applicant must be more than 18 years old and should secure medical certificate to prove that the individual is physically fit.

The training center or institution may require additional documents that’s why it’s important to inquire personally to know the detailed information.

However, some institutions accredited by TESDA require a student to complete first the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Servicing NC I prior of taking the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Servicing NC II.
Just like any other TESDA courses, the students are required to take the Competency Assessment prior to graduation. This will evaluate the student of what he or she learns from the training. Passing the assessment allows the students to acquire the National Certificate II.

Once you hold the NC II, you can find job as a Domestic Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician. There are companies here and abroad hiring NC II holders.
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