Learning New Skills in Visual Graphic Design NCIII Through TESDA

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Are you interested in visual graphic design? This is one of the short courses offeredby TESDA in which students can get certified in just a short period of training.

Enrolling in this short course will give opportunity to learn new skills in graphic design for both electronic and print media, window displays, and product packages. Some of the core competencies that a student may learn include the following:
  • ·         Using technology to create graphic design
  • ·         Interpreting client specifications
  • ·         Identifying the right medium to utilize and the target audience
  • ·         Application of communication and visual design techniques
  • ·         Utilizing various design techniques
  • ·         Evaluating designs
  • ·         Preparing designs for mass production
  • ·         Manipulating images and objects

Visual Graphic Design Admission requirements

If you’re interested to enroll in this TESDA short course, you should prepare the following basic requirements:
  • ·         Copy of PSA birth certificate
  • ·         College or high school diploma
  • ·         Certified true copy of Form 137 or Transcript of Records
  • ·         2x2 or 1x1 photos
  • ·         Certificate of good moral character
The institution or school from where you will enroll may require other documents aside from the listed above. That’s why it is recommended to inquire directly from the school or training center so that you will get detailed and accurate information.

The Visual Graphic Design NC II course would take 487 hours to complete. Prior to graduation, the students are required to take the assessment test from assessment centers accredited by TESDA. After passing the assessment process, a National Certificate will be issued.

Career opportunities

Once an individual gets certified, he or she can find a job in different industries as a visual graphic artist, layout artist, graphic designer, web designer, art/creative director, window/booth display designer, and visual graphic multimedia artist.
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