TESDA Medical Transcription NC II – Program Overview

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Medical transcription is considered to be a profession. It’s because no one can do the job unless he or she has the skills and experience.

The good thing is that TESDA is offering Medical Transcription NC II program that will prepare students to become skilled and trained to transcribe and interpret dictation made by physicians and other health care professionals.

Medical transcription is essential to document the patient care and simplify the delivery of healthcare services. The students will learn additional knowledge and skills on word processing by using voice processing equipment as well as English grammar, proofreading, and spelling.

Likewise, the students will also learn about medical terminology, human diseases, pharmacology, surgical procedures, diagnostic studies, and laboratory procedures.

The Medical Transcription NC II is accredited and supervised by TESDA and offered by institutions accredited by the agency.

Medical Transcription NC II Course structure

The course structure of this program is divided into three modules such as:

  • Basic competencies (18 hours)
In this module, the student should take part in workplace communication, practice career professionalism, work with a team, and exercise occupational health and safety procedures.

  • Common competencies (18 hours)
The student is required to implement quality standards and perform computer operations.

  • Core competencies (360 hours)
This is the final phase of the course in which the student should use medical terminology in implementing the task as well as in business technology. He or she must be able to produce text from the audio transcription.

Medical Transcription NC II Admission requirements

Anyone who is interested to take the medical transcription NC II must comply with the admission requirements such as:

  • Must be mentally and physically fit
  • Can communicate either written or oral
  • With good moral character
  • Must pass the aptitude test
To succeed in this course, the individual must have basic knowledge in computer and knows how to type. Since the course involves transcribing what you hear, it is essential to maintain the correctness and accuracy at all times.

It is also important to be knowledgeable about English language. The student must have keen attention to details and must be patient.

The course duration would take 396 hours and the institution may also require on the job training. Before the graduation, the students should pass the assessment and certification exam. The National Certificate is valid within 5 years and should be renewed.
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