TESDA Pipefitting NC II Course Learning the Skills of Fixing the Piping System

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Pipefitting is one of the most-sought job here and abroad that offers high salary and compensation. It seems to be a tedious job, but once you learn the skills it would be a lot easier to carry out the job.

One of the surest way to learn the skills is to enroll for a Pipefitting NC II course at TESDA. Most employers or companies looking for pipefitters require TESDA certificate to ensure that the individual is well-trained to do the job.

TESDA Pipefitting NC II Competencies

Enrolling for pipefitting course you will learn how to fabricate, repair, install, troubleshoot, and other processes involve. Other competencies include the following:
  • ·         Preparing construction tools and materials
  • ·         Interpreting technical plans and drawings
  • ·         Observing procedures, manuals of instructions, and specifications
  • ·         Performing calculation and mensuration
  • ·         Maintaining equipment and tools
  • ·         Cutting, threading pipes, and beveling
  • ·         Installing overhead and underground piping system
  • ·         Performing tack welding

Admission requirements for Pipefitting NC II 

Anyone who is interested to take the Pipefitting NC II course offered byTESDA should prepare the following documents:
  • ·         Photocopy of birth certificate issued by NSO
  • ·         College or high school diploma
  • ·         Authenticated copy of Form 137 or Transcript of Records
  • ·         Certificate of good moral character
  • ·         2x2 or 1x1 photos

The course duration would take about 202 hours to complete the course. Before graduation, the student is required to take a Competency Assessment. If the student passed the assessment, he will be issued a National Certificate or the NC II.
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Once you are certified by TESDA, it would be easier for you to land a job in big companies as a pipefitter. 
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