Top 10 In-demand TESDA Vocational Courses for 2018

- 11:36 PM
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Filipinos are known for versatility in carrying out different kinds of works. This is the reason why Filipinos are most-sought workers even in foreign lands not only for professional jobs, but also for blue-collar jobs.

If you want to work abroad it makes sense to have NC II added in your profile. This will give you higher chance of finding a job overseas with good pay. Enrolling for TESDA vocational courses can be the best option to earn NC II.

There are many courses offered by TESDA that will help you learn skills in construction, tourism, health and wellness industries, agri-fisheries, and information and communications technology.

Agricultural workers are in-demand in New Zealand and Japan, while carpentry and plumbing are needed in the Middle East. Bartenders, barrista, waiters and waitresses are in-demand in Dubai. Likewise, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other western countries are hiring nursing aides and caregivers.

If you want to try your luck working in foreign countries, you should consider taking any TESDA vocational courses that would be the key to land a job overseas.

According to TESDA, the top 10 in-demand courses that have huge number of enrollees include the following:

1. Shielded metal arc welding (course II) - 52,650 enrollees
2. Cookery - 51,083 enrollees
3. Food and beverage service - 50,646 enrollees
4. Bread and pastry production - 47,728 enrollees
5. Housekeeping - 43,993 enrollees
6. Electrical installation and maintenance - 35,824 enrollees
7. shielded metal arc welding (course I) - 27,839
8. Computer systems servicing - 24,468 enrollees
9. Bookkeeping - 23,569 enrollees
10. Contact center services - 23,228 enrollees

Aside from those highly in-demand courses, TESDA also offers other courses that are also in-demand abroad.
  • ·         Barbering NC II
  • ·         BeautyCare NC II, and NC III
  • ·         BartendingNC II, and Barista NC II
  • ·         Bread and pastry Production NC II
  • ·         Food andbeverage services NC II, NC III, and NC IV
  • ·         Foodprocessing NC I, NC II, NC III, NC IV
  • ·         Caregiving NC II
  • ·         Machining NC I, NC II, and NC III
  • ·         Pattern Making NC II
  • ·         Pipe Fitting NC II
  • ·         Plant Maintenance NC I
  • ·         PV System Design NC III, Servicing NC III, Installation NC II
  • ·         Slaughtering Operations NC II
  • ·         Refrigeration and Airconditioning Servicing NC

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